Jonathan Martin

Jonathan Martin

Starting his career in 2010 at R&M Energy Systems (now NOV), Jon first worked as a Rod Guide Product Engineer, maintaining and developing manufacturing systems and products molded for down-hole use. This exposure to the plastics industry and oil and gas together stimulated thought and understanding to non-linear performance of polymer materials down-hole.

In March of 2011, Jon transitioned to Cameron International (now Schlumberger), as their resident Plastics Engineer for valve seats in all for all valve product lines, as well as Product Engineer for Butterfly Valves, rubber seated and high-performance metal seated. It was during this time Plastics Consulting, LLC was formed for the development of phenolic down-hole products. RFG Petro Systems‘ President at the time recruited Jon to join the team after seeing what Plastics Consulting had created for wear-resistant polymeric compounds, ultimately joining RFG Petro Systems Fall of 2011 as a long-term consultant, additionally providing intellectual property and license for and to RFG Petro Systems.

In 2013 and 2014, RFG was asked to build a sucker rod guide manufacturing facility in Oklahoma City for Rod Lift Consulting, now Lufkin). In turn, Plastics Consulting was then engaged to build a manufacturing facility for RFG, hiring, teaching, managing, and training the local management team for operation of the facility. There forward, Plastics Consulting’s long-term consultancy continued as Engineering & Technical Sales role on behalf of RFG Petro Systems, expiring in 2017.

In 2017, as part of the start-up team of US Rod Company (now Lufkin Rods), Jon led the initial group through engineering, plant and product development, supply chain, and fundraising. After successfully raising capital through HNW and PE for the only domestic and privately held sucker rod manufacturing plant in the United States, Jon relocated back to the Oklahoma City metro for the launch of Black Mamba Rod Lift, a world-wide provider of End-to-End Rod Control products.

Jon holds several patents in the rod lift space both granted and pending, and his primary passion is the teaching of sucker rod dynamics and polymer non-linearities for the down-hole space. Driven by thinking and doing differently, Jon’s work has continuously pushed rod-lift performance to new levels and standards.


Black Mamba Rod Lift, LLC

Black Mamba Rod Lift cares for the industry, the customer, and the people we serve. We create exclusive and patent-protected product lines (namely, Black Mamba) related to sucker rods and sucker rod protection, without limits or compromise. Black Mamba Rod Lift is committed to operating the business ethically and morally for the betterment of all. We stand by everything we do. Black Mamba, available on both steel and fiberglass sucker rod, is engineered to address instability and buckling in the rod string. When End-to-End Rod Control is created, rod lift run times are guaranteed to EXCEED expectations.