William Hudson

Production Manager

Will started his career in the Eagle Ford Shale at Rod Lift Consulting (RLC, a division of Schlumberger Artificial Lift) in 2013 working in logitics and implementing care-and-handling procedures for building customer rod strings during the shale boom. Graduated to Field Service Technician, gaining invaluable experience interacting with end-users of rod lift technologies, from engineers calling the shots to floor hands installing the product in wells. Due to the high volume of rod lift installations in 2013, 2014, and 2015, all aspects and challenges of rod-lift were exposed, leading to wonderful learning opportunities. Also ran rod strings in Bakken, California, and Permian.

In 2015, Will became a part of a team as Assistant Branch Manager that was responsible for the oversight of one of South Texas’s largest producer’s inspected rod inventory. It was at this point that he began to gain experience in quality assurance and quality control. The team at RLC was able to implement processes and standards for sucker rod inspection that continue to this day. These processes have saved customers millions of dollars by providing accountability and oversight into used sucker rod inspection and logistical management.

Around the end of 2017, Will was given an opportunity to become part of the RLC sales team, working the Eagle Ford region. In 2019, Schlumberger offered a position in the Permian for the management and inventory of the Pumping Unit Division of Schlumberger Artificial Lift. After implementing processes that brought inventory variances to less than 1%, Will was asked to relocate to Oklahoma City to join Black Mamba Rod Lift

With a unique background in logistics, quality, care-and-handling, technical service, pumping units, and working multiple regions in the country, Will provides diversity and intellect from further up the supply chain, rounding out our Management Team’s background of manufacturing, product design, technical use and installation, sales, customer support and customer relations.


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