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Complete, Predictable, End-to-End Rod Control

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Perfect Design

Perfect Design

– Compression Control

A patent-protected centralizer which truly reduces fatigue cycles on the sucker rod, preventing axial deflection and excessive, unintended localized stress along the sucker rod body (bending moments). Eliminate bending moments -> eliminate pre-mature rod failure. Simple as that.

With more EWV than any other stabilizer on the planet, Black Mamba is leading the industry in product life and sucker rod protection. Part-for-part, nothing compares.

– Flow Area

Our patented single fin design allows for 70% more fluid flow area than legacy products on the market. Bye-bye fluid turbulence. In fact, Black Mamba has greater flow area than a 3/4″ slim hole coupling – unbelievable!

360 Degree Protection

The Black Mamba sucker rod stabilizer (its more than a rod guide!) circumferentially occupies the free space around the sucker rod, allowing rod alignment with the tubing, but preventing the undesirable sucker rod buckling.

– Paraffin Movement

With 360-degree centralization comes absolute tubing cleaning – the sucker rod reciprocating action allows Black Mamba to continually clean the interior walls of the production tubing.

Versatile Applications

High Volume, High Velocity Pumping

Black Mamba and Complete Rod Control allows for unheard of pumping velocities. Cycle conventional pumping units near 2,000 IPM safely. The pumping unit is rated for it, the fluid level is there, go get it!

High velocity pumping allows for dramatic down-sizing of the pump lowering side-loads throughout the well-bore. This dramatically reduces tubing-wear and rod-wear in high DLS areas.


Deviation & Side-Load

Use Black Mamba just like standard sucker rod guides. Increased product life, flexibility, exploitation of sound material science, and extreme EWV – all at pricing comparable pricing to legacy sucker rod guides.


Pumping In The Curve

Black Mamba provides the first engineered, tested, and validated sucker rod and sucker rod guide or stabilizer which allows operators to push the pump if desired, without deflection or detrimental sucker rod buckling. With end-to-end sucker rod control, a new age of rod pumping is on the horizon.


Multi-Well Pads

Multi-well pads feature high kicks and deviation as part of their design. This leads to incredibly high side-loads, upward of +1,000 lbf.

Black Mamba features exceptional Bearing Surface Area which reduces the compressive stress on the plastic. With 2.5x greater BSA at initial contact – the plastic of our guide is stressed at a reduced rate, proportionately so. 


Tubing Buckling

Black Mamba recommends guiding up through buckling tendency, and then some. Tubing anchors slip often and helical buckling of the production tubing must be anticipated. When the tubing breaths and moves uncontrollably, the bottom of the sucker rod string surely will feel it.

How can Black Mamba work for you?

Size Matters.

Design, too.

Black Mamba’s intellect for rod string dynamics continues to influence string design for the industry. Theta’s RodStar, through specially imported sucker rod configurations, allow for precise string control. 

Beyond RodStar, Black Mamba has its own iterative tool which further analyzes well geometry on a deeper level, refining stress loading for a more accurate understanding. 

Our modified reports trust RodStar as the industry standard. We then apply our SME intellect with data collected directly from RodStar to highlight what matters to the customer, you.

Compression: the enemy. the respected.

Compression in rod-lift wells exists, plain and simple. It must be respected… and accommodated.

Black Mamba Rod Lift’s Sinker Rods are made from American SBQ Steel and feature a 1″ Body Diameter, 7/8″ Upset, and 3/4″ Pin in conjunction with the Complete Rod Control guide configuration.

Complete Rod Control Sinker Rod’s primary use is plunger alignment for the down-hole pump and/or replacement of sinker bars (most commonly 1.5″ K-Bars) in negative loading. 

These are standard rod length, 25′, and the roll-formed pin end will thread directly into the down-hole pump without the need of a changeover coupling.

1" x 2-3/8" UPK Sinker Rod (Top)
1" x 2-7/8" UPK Sinker Rod (Middle)
1" x 2-7/8" HydraHT Sinker Rod (Bottom)

Black Mamba CRC Sinker Rod is available in UPK for 2-3/8″ and 2-7/8″ tubing, and HydraHT for 2-7/8″ tubing. Combined with our Guided Sucker Rod Coupling, these rods are BUCKLEPROOF, designed for compression applications such as curve pumping!

Guided couplings, you make those?


Rounding out the Complete Rod ControlTM mentality & design approach, Black Mamba is proud to offer its new, in-house turned and molded near-frictionless Guided Couplings (0.06 µ). Centralizing rigid points in the string allows for enhanced rod control and bending moment mitigation at and near the forged upsets of sucker rods. Reducing buckling and unwanted rod deflection is a guaranteed way of improving rod life.

Combine these with Black Mamba’s Sinker Rod and you’ve got a perfect match for Compression Control.

coupling stats

Complete Rod Control
beyond the rod string.

CRC Tubing Pump Pull Rod

When compression hits the rod string, it typically starts with the pump, working its way upward. Often we as an industry hear of bent or failed pull rods and pull tubes in sucker rod pumping – all attributed to compression (pump fillage, gas interference, fluid pound, stuck pumps).



Led by Oxy’s CORE team – Black Mamba collaborated to meet the needs of a customized guide for Complete Pull-Rod Control tubing pump pull rod. A CASE STUDY paper is available through the Southwestern Petroleum Short Course.


For tubing pumps, often the failures lead to the use of a large diameter sinker bar or sinker rod. Although this isn’t a bad idea, there still is pull-rod on barrel contact, which can split the pump barrel.

What rods do you have?

What rods do you want?

We've got Steel.

Pony Rods & Sucker Rods

We sell rods, lots of rods. Black Mamba remains brand agnostic. We design rod strings based on grade of steel and tensile rating. The operator makes the call on what brand they trust.

Black Mamba holds inventory of Norris and Weatherford sucker rod indoors – uncoated – for perfect guide-to-bar adhesion.

Other rod brands are available – cleaned by our custom 100 kW ultrasonic tank. 

We've got Fiberglass.

Black Mamba Rod Lift is proud to sell and design with our American fiberglass friends. Our customers and users have been looking to Black Mamba Rod Lift for our expertise in rod string designs – typically selling and providing only the steel portion of the rod string. Black Mamba is more than just steel experts.


Black Mamba is now offering fiberglass rod from our own inventory, held indoors, at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in OKC.

Black Mamba XL Guided Glass

Black Mamba XL (named after its colossal size!) rod guides are available in 6 per and 10 per (CRC) configurations. Each guide features industry-standard epoxy preparations specifically approved by glass rod manufacturers.

To pilot Black Mamba XL Fiberglass Rod, contact our team at 405.289.9547.

Progressive Cavity Pumping?

Try Black Mamba

Progressive cavity pumping requires the rotational movement of sucker rods or drive rods to link the surface electric motor to the down-hole pump. These wells encounter deviation just like reciprocating rod lift wells, often utilizing rod guides to prevent rod-on-tubing wear.

Available exclusively in our UPK material, Black Mamba provides extensive benefit for sucker rod protection and rod string control in progressive cavity pumping, just as it does for reciprocating rod lift.

A single fin design helically wrapping around the sucker rod (or drive rod) allows for auger like movement of the fluid – providing assisted lift. Unlike other products on the market, the vortex flow of our Black Mamba guide design helps move solids up the fluid column.

The extended length of Black Mamba provides enhanced stabilization throughout the rod string, even in progressive cavity applications.

Legacy 4-fin guide (Top)
Black Mamba 1" x 2-7/8" (Middle)
Cobalt PC Rod Guide (Bottom)


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Black Mamba Rod Lift, LLC

Black Mamba Rod Lift cares for the industry, the customer, and the people we serve. We create exclusive and patent-protected product lines (namely, Black Mamba) related to sucker rods and sucker rod protection, without limits or compromise. Black Mamba Rod Lift is committed to operating the business ethically and morally for the betterment of all. We stand by everything we do. Black Mamba, available on both steel and fiberglass sucker rod, is engineered to address instability and buckling in the rod string. When End-to-End Rod Control is created, rod lift run times are guaranteed to EXCEED expectations.