2023 Black Mamba Overview

Black Mamba Stabilizer Bars

2023 Guided Coupling Overview

What is CRC? It's THE term in the oilfield right now. + -

CRC is Complete Rod Control. 

CRC is achieved through Black Mamba's End-to-End Rod Control system. Steel or fiberglass, it doesn't matter. Black Mamba continuously reinforces sucker rods to the point at which they cannot buckle, yet they follow the path of the tubing with ease.

Compression in the rod string isn't a bad thing - so long as the rod string stays in CONTROL. Black Mamba's helical rod stabilization prevents all the negative side effects of buckling traditional sucker rods.

I keep hearing about Black Mamba Sinker Rod - I thought I was supposed to use K-Bars? + -

Sinker Rod IS the new K-Bar. 

Black Mamba's economical approach to complete rod string stabilization allows for a 3:1 cost per foot improvement.

500 feet of sinker bars? How about 1500 feet of CRC Black Mamba Sinker Rod.

Same price.

With so much direct rod protection, surely drag loads are increased, right? + -


Drag loads are driven off coefficient of friction and side-load only. Surface area influencing or increasing drag is a myth and goes against the laws of physics. Side-load is computed from a few factors:

  1. Friction coefficient of plastic-on-steel (lubricated and at temperature)
  2. String design,
  3. Pump size (fluid load); and
  4. Deviation.
This is a radical design - Does Black Mamba require special handling at the well-site? + -


Black Mamba's guided rods should be treated with care, just like any API Sucker Rod. Follow all API 11B Recommended Practice (RP) guidelines and you’ll have no issues whatsoever.

Can I afford Black Mamba's products? + -

Do you use rod guides? Then YES, you can afford Black Mamba.

We publish pricing in our presentations. Contact Us for a 30 minute engineering & science-based presentation.

How do I set up a Lunch & Learn? + -

Contact us at 405.289.9547 or WeCare@BlackMambaRodLift.com.

Black Mamba provides lunch at no cost to you. Whether you need a virtual meeting or face-to-face, we're happy to teach Complete, Predictable, End-to-End Rod Control to your team.


Black Mamba Rod Lift, LLC

Black Mamba Rod Lift cares for the industry, the customer, and the people we serve. We create exclusive and patent-protected product lines (namely, Black Mamba) related to sucker rods and sucker rod protection, without limits or compromise. Black Mamba Rod Lift is committed to operating the business ethically and morally for the betterment of all. We stand by everything we do. Black Mamba, available on both steel and fiberglass sucker rod, is engineered to address instability and buckling in the rod string. When End-to-End Rod Control is created, rod lift run times are guaranteed to EXCEED expectations.