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Our specialty is the understanding and manufacturing of down-hole polymer products and sucker rod dynamics.

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Black Mamba works and collaborates with all sucker rod suppliers and manufacturers. We are an independent, 3rd party manufacturer of sucker rod protection products.

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Schlumberger. Don-Nan. Exceed. ChampionX Norris. CHX UPCO. Tenaris. US Rod Company. Lufkin Rods. Weatherford. Inspected sucker rods from TRC Texas, TRC Oklahoma, Permian Pro, Rod and Tubing Services (RTS), Endurance Lift Solutions.

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Black Mamba’s Complete Rod Control is designed to provide complete, predictable sucker rod control in rod-pumping wells. In addition, Black Mamba is a stabilizer, centralizer and sucker rod guide, coaxially reinforcing the sucker rod to the center of tubing, protecting sucker rod and coupling on tubing wear.

Do you need high heat performance, high wear performance, or just looking for enhanced protection or rod string control with standard guide materials?

UPK – Unfilled Polyketone – Offers astounding resilience, its nearly indestructible. No cracking, no breaking, just perfect, reliable performance! This is the go-to choice for aggressive or unknown applications under 250 F. 

HydraHT (molded in PPS-TSX) is the premier high temperature product for Bakken and Eagle Ford applications. This product has been tested and proven to outlast AF, AU, PPA, and PPS variants hands down.


Drag loads are driven off of coefficient of friction and side-load only. Surface area influencing or increasing drag is a myth, and actually goes against the laws of physics. Side load is computed from rod string design, pumping speeds, and deviation.

Black Mamba continuously works with 3rd party labs to perform lubricated ASTM G-133 testing, plastic benchmarking, and hardness testing in fluid and temperature for all materials on the market.

Friction is practically the same for all guide materials… ~0.1. There is lots of misinformation in industry about sucker rod guides causing more friction than the rod itself. This is simply not true, and no study validates this claim of increased friction.

Similar to the Stabilizer Bar debate, Black Mamba can provide complete control of traditional sucker rods even in compression.

Sinker Bars are often used to add weight to the rod string design, moving the neutral point of the design down into the sinker bar section. The goal of this is to move the neutral point into the product region which can accommodate it. We preach the same thing; our Black Mamba sucker rods work better than anything on the planet in compression. 

Consider fully guided sucker rods (sinker rods) with Black Mamba, adding weight and protection to the sucker rod string, accommodating the neutral point and compressive potential while eliminating steel-on-steel contact. 

Sinker Bars combined with Stabilizer Bars create a very, very expensive design which can easily be replaced by Complete Rod Control, extending protection and control across the sucker rods and sucker rod string, and saving costs and stress to the rod design with no drawbacks.


Black Mamba should be treated with care, just like any API Sucker Rod. Follow all API 11B Recommended Practice (RP) guidelines and you’ll have no issues whatsoever.

Do you use rod guides? Yes? You can afford Black Mamba helical stabilizers.

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