Design Request

Complete the form below, including a supplied deviation survey, prior design files, notes and/or failure history. A Black Mamba team member will then review your private information submittal and supply recommended designs via RodStar or C-Fer, along with an engineered basis for the design, usually within hours.

Our RodStar Rod Library features custom rods which accurately represent guided rods, their specific weight and behavior in fluid (buoyancy). Because of this, increased accuracy for pumping wells and conditions are possible.


You can also use our fillable PDF form and email us at

Download a PDF version here: Design Request – Fillable PDF

    Estimated bottom hole temperature.

    Water % of total fluid produced.

    Pump depth/seating nipple depth, in feet.

    Planned or actual pumping unit or drivehead on location.

    Existing plunger size for RRL, or downhole pump size for progressive cavity pumping.

    Fluid level above pump, in feet.

    1,000', 2,000', 2,400'

    Target production rate, barrels of fluid per day.

    Use the drag-and-drop feature of our site to add a deviation survey (preferred), well-history, well-bore diagram, and any other supporting documents that influence system and/or string design.


    Black Mamba Rod Lift, LLC

    Black Mamba Rod Lift cares for the industry, the customer, and the people we serve. We create exclusive and patent-protected product lines (namely, Black Mamba) related to sucker rods and sucker rod protection, without limits or compromise. Black Mamba Rod Lift is committed to operating the business ethically and morally for the betterment of all. We stand by everything we do. Black Mamba, available on both steel and fiberglass sucker rod, is engineered to address instability and buckling in the rod string. When End-to-End Rod Control is created, rod lift run times are guaranteed to EXCEED expectations.