Black Mamba - For Progressive Cavity

Progressive Cavity Pump Image - Sucker Rod Pumping - Artificial Lift

Progressive Cavity Pumping

Progressive cavity pumping requires the rotational movement of sucker rods or drive rods to link the surface electric motor to the down-hole pump. These wells encounter deviation just like other traditional sucker rod reciprocating lift wells, and oven utilize sucker rod guides to prevent rod-on-tubing wear.

The Black Mamba provides extensive benefit for sucker rod protection and rod string control in Progressive Cavity pumping, just as it does for reciprocating rod lift.

A single fin design helically wrapping around the sucker rod (or drive rod) allows for auger like movement of the fluid - potentially providing more lift to fluid (instead of standard drag). Additionally, and unlike other products on the market, the vortex flow of The Black Mamba is desired for movement of solids up the fluid column.

Flow Area

The design of Black Mamba, unlike anything on the market for sucker rod guides, protection products and devices, is a single fin design. The drastic increase in flow-area is realized as there is minimal cross-section blocking the natural flow of the produced fluids. Whether pumping with reciprocating rod lift or progressive cavity, fluid flow is hydrodynamically advantageous.

Compared to other progressive cavity sucker rod guides or centralization products on the market, Black Mamba features 57% more flow area and 100% less fluid obstruction.

Flow Area Cross Section - Progressive Cavity Pumping - Sucker Rod Guides

Progressive Cavity - CFD

A drastic reduction in fluid turbulence and chaos is realized with The Black Mamba, a unique, single fin design.

Product Comparison

Guide for guide - other products can't compare.

Black Mamba leads in Erodible Wear Volume, Bearing Surface Area, Direct Rod Protection, Flow Area, and Fluid Turbulence (or lack there of).

Blue Progressive Cavity Guide Design vs The Black Mamba - Sucker Rod Guides