Complete Rod Control

Black Mamba UPK – 2-3/8″

Black Mamba UPK – 2-7/8″

HydraHT – 2-7/8″

Legacy Sucker Rod Guides

Complete Rod Control Applications are Limitless

High Volume, High Velocity Pumping

Black Mamba and Complete Rod Control allows for unheard of pumping velocities. Cycle conventional pumping units near 2000 IPM safely. The pumping unit is rated for it, the fluid level is there, go get it!

High velocity pumping allows for dramatic down-sizing of the pump lowering side-loads throughout the well-bore. This dramatically reduces tubing-wear and rod-wear in high DLS areas.

Deviation & Side-Load

Use Black Mamba just like standard sucker rod guides. The caveat, however, is increased product life, flexibility, exploitation of sound material science, and extreme EWV – at comparable pricing to legacy sucker rod guides.

Pumping In The Curve

Black Mamba provides the first engineered, tested, and validated sucker rod and sucker rod guide or stabilizer which allows operators to push the pump if desired, without deflection or detrimental sucker rod buckling. With end-to-end sucker rod control, a new age of rod pumping is on the horizon.


Pump tagging is often used to assist in knocking gas out of the pump. This behavior, when it comes to the sucker rod string, can be extremely abusive, instantly stressing sucker rods in ways that are impractical based on the sucker rod string’s engineered use. Ideally, sucker rods stay in tension at all times. Modern, unconventional wells present new rod-lift challenges.

Multi-Well Pads

Multi-well pads feature high kicks and deviation on purpose. This leads to incredible side-loads; with so much axial load on the rod string (lifting load) mixed with significant deviation from directional drilling, these side-loads can eclipse 1,000 lbf, destroying rods and legacy sucker rod guides in weeks.

The Black Mamba features exceptional Bearing Surface Area, reducing compressive stress on the plastic. With ~2.5x greater BSA at initial contact – our guide treats 1,000 lbf side-load as if its 400 lbf, much more manageable. Legacy sucker rod guide products with thin fins and low bearing surface area will erode away at a much more rapid rate.

Tubing Buckling

The Black Mamba Team recommends guiding up through buckling tendency, and then some. Tubing anchors slip often, and helical buckling of the production tubing must be anticipated. When the tubing breaths and moves uncontrollably, the bottom of the sucker rod string feels it.

Progressive Cavity Pumping

The Black Mamba is well designed for rotating rod strings, too. With increased flow area, a single-fin design, and premium materials – The Black Mamba is guaranteed to protect tubing, the rod string, and allow solids to pass with ease.

See the difference.