The Black Mamba

By reimagining sucker rod protection, we have successfully redistributed geometrical volume from legacy 4-fin sucker rod guide designs, creating a helical wrap around the sucker rod over an extended length constantly reinforcing and protecting the sucker rod. The Black Mamba sucker rod stabilizer is engineered to address cyclical compressive loads experienced during rod lift applications - our primary scope for the product design. The creative geometry and low AMOI (area-moment of inertia) allows the patent-pending sucker rod guide and profile to flex and move freely and naturally with the sucker rod when unconstrained, outside of tubing. Inside of tubing, the constant 360 degree centralization inhibits axial displacement of the sucker rod body, eliminating severe bending moments created by 4-fin rod guides in compression areas of the rod string.

If the sucker rod does want to move axially, the area opposite of the singular fin allows for it, unlike any other sucker rod guide in history. This unique approach and innovation provides countless benefits to the sucker rod system.

Legacy 4-fin sucker rod guides show buckling tendencies between the centralizers in 4-per configuration at ~1,000 lbf negative loading. With a 4-per configuration of the Black Mamba, due to its constant reinforcement and occupation of free-space around the sucker rod, 3/4" sucker rods do not deflect into the tubing until ~6,000 lbf compressive loading. See more compression than that? Jump to our fully guided sucker rod.

Black Mamba Rod Lift can assist in the placement and count of Black Mamba Helical Stabilizers by way of our proprietary iterative software which analyzes SPM, Rod Design, Deviation, and Stroke to populate maximum potential compressive loading and stresses created by buckling; this compression analysis is much more specific than the outputs of predictive sucker rod programs.

We don't oversell - we design based on true well behaviors and needs. By eliminating deflection throughout compression zones of the rod design, a true increase of stroke length is quantified and realized, rods are protected, and sucker rod fatigue is drastically reduced.

Keep pumping - reliably.

Side By Side - Sucker Rod Guide next to The Black Mamba

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Design Benefits

  • Bending Moment Mitigation A patent-protected product which truly reduces fatigue cycles on the sucker rod, preventing axial deflection and excessive, unintended localized stress along the sucker rod body.
  • Bending Stiffness The first sucker rod protection device that collaborates with sucker rod flex instead of inhibiting it like traditional, legacy 4-fin sucker rod guides
  • Erodible Wear Volume (EWV) Greater EWV than any other product on the market, leading the industry for product life and for sucker rod protection. Part-for-part, nothing compares.
  • Fluid Flow Bypass Area A single fin allows for 70% more fluid flow area than legacy product. Bye-bye fluid turbulence. Further, the singular fin and helical design provide unmatched performance Progressive Cavity pumping.
  • 360 Degree Protection The Black Mamba sucker rod stabilizer (its more than a sucker rod guide!) circumferentially occupies the free space around the sucker rod, allowing sucker rod flexibility, but taking the space of potential movement.
  • Paraffin Movement With a single-fin helically surrounding the sucker rod body, paraffin moves without issue.
  • CTE With properly molded thermosets, there isn't a material on Earth that bonds better to the rod at all temperatures.

Engineering Validation Testing

Black Mamba continuously invests resources in effort to understand the true behavior of sucker rods and sucker rod guides down well. In addition to our computational investments for in-house and 3rd party CFD and FEA analysis, we have developed the Surface Well Simulator (SWS). The SWS system allows our development group to input pumping speeds, well conditions, the resulting tensile/compression loads, studying sucker rod behavior inside production tubing - applying and releasing real loads to real rods watching it in real-time.

The system supports two rods side-by-side, providing invaluable visual insight to down-hole rod behaviors. Our findings from our SWS encouraged us to build an interactive sucker rod comparator in our lobby, showcasing The Black Mamba against traditional, legacy sucker rod guides or centralizers.

We see rod slap. We see compression. We see bending moments. We see cracked and split legacy sucker rod guides. We see our solution working.

Want a study of your circumstances? Contact us. We'll plug it in, install the rods in question, and show you side-by-side the difference Black Mamba makes versus traditional sucker rod guides. Buckling and bending moments be gone!


Tired of the run-around and ridiculous answers about failure analysis related to legacy thermoset or thermoplastic sucker rod guides?

  • Individual Serialization We know down to the second when our parts are manufactured, laser etching each individually for ultimate traceability, never before seen in sucker rod guide manufacturing. Serialization is sync'd with cloud-based logging of all parameters.
  • Master Command Center Our Command Center allows complete control of every machine in the building - and we can access it through private VPN from our phones and computers in the field or at home at any time.
  • Proactive Manufacturing Countless pressure transducers, 50+ thermocouples, 20+ zones of heat control, Self-Tuning PID loops. Operational lockout. Shipping sucker rod guides that look good on the outside but are porous or under-cured on the inside are a thing of the past.

The Panacea of Rod Control