CRC Sinker Rod

Complete Rod Control

Black Mamba Rod Lift’s Sinker Rods are made from American SBQ Steel and feature a 1″ Body Diameter, 7/8″ Upset, and 3/4″ Pin in conjunction with the Complete Rod Control configuration in either the UPK or HydraHT design. Metallurgy options are DA, DS (KD), or HA.

The Complete Rod Control Sinker Rod’s primary use is plunger alignment for the down-hole pump and/or replacement of sinker bars (most commonly 1.5″ K-Bars) in negative loading. At 25′ in length, the roll-formed pin end will thread directly into the down-hole pump without the need of a changeover coupling.

Black Mamba Complete Rod Control Sinker Rod is available in UPK for 2-3/8″ and 2-7/8″ tubing, and HydraHT for 2-7/8″ tubing.

These rods are BUCKLEPROOF!

Complete, Predictable, End-to-End Rod Control