We Care - About our customers and our team

Integrity - In our actions and our products

Nothing by Accident - By our vigilance and our process

Black Mamba Rod Lift cares for the industry, the customer, and the people we serve. We create exclusive and patent-protected product lines (namely, The Black Mamba) related to sucker rods, sucker rod guides, sucker rod centralizers, and sucker rod protection, without limits or compromise. Black Mamba also provides an industry first - Complete Rod Control for the prevention of sucker rod buckling and sucker rod instability. This alleviates pre-mature sucker rod fatigue, extends rod life, well up-time, and provides unmatched reliability in the sucker rod string.

Black Mamba Rod Lift is committed to operating our business ethically and morally for the betterment of all. We stand by everything we do.

Thank you to News 9, Griffin Media, and the community for inviting Black Mamba Rod Lift to be featured in the Oklahoma Innovators special.

We love Oklahoma and we love innovation for the oil and gas industry! 

Thank you to all the operators who continue to help us refine what we do and make for you all!!


Our product development plan has come from long-standing relationships with end-users, distributors, and material suppliers.

Engineered to Succeed

Our business is not finance driven, but driven by solutions with end-user input at every level. Integrity is paramount to our business model.

International Reputation

USA made products with a team you know and trust. No run-arounds. Trust established and present from years of world-wide relationships.


We are in this for the long-haul, changing rod-lift forever by working for our customers, listening to their concerns and needs.


We are firm believers in people, community, and giving back to those who support us and allow us to exist. Oklahoma City is our home, and we're proud to actively support and donate to local organizations.

Black Mamba Rod Lift is an active supporter of the American Petroleum Institute, Society of Petroleum Engineers, Young Professionals in Energy, and our local University and Entrepreneurship programs.

Further, our founders have strong ties to both Oklahoma State University (Go Pokes!) and Texas A&M (Gig 'Em!), both schools which are active in the Research and Development of Oil and Gas Technologies.